February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 12 – Sunshine Resort – Let the Sunshine In

If it meant that we could get this kind of winter weather, we would invite L & L to visit more often. Talk about getting the perfect day to hit the heights. In every direction, we saw gleaming snowy mountain tops. Kind of a Sound of Music moment, but with snow. The photos speak for themselves.

This group is from the top of Standish chair

This group is from the top of Angel chair

Canada’s Matterhorn, Mount Assiniboine stood head and shoulders above all the rest of the peaks
A snowy wonderland

13 thoughts on “February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 12 – Sunshine Resort – Let the Sunshine In

      1. It is odd indeed, kinda like a scene from Walking Dead. Traffic is down, hardly anyone on the streets, Seniors shopping hours at a lot of stores, controlled access at Staples, only take out restaurant food. The rest of it, except for the lack of toilet paper is kinda like retirement, so for all those who say, I wish I was retired, this is a glimpse. We are fine here, exercising, communicating doing projects and reading. Once it warms up, at least we will have our back yard. Stay well. Allan


    1. Hah! Spring! What is that? +10 and water running in the streets last Friday. – 18 for a low yesterday and today and snow flurries. May warm up to 0 by next Friday. Guess, Mother Nature is just trying to keep everyone inside. These days. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan


      1. All good here, thanks Dave. Doing the Social Distancing thing, shopping during Senior’s hours, walking outside where we can keep our distance. No real shortages here except TP. Doing a lot more communicating with people, so that is one good thing. Hoping things will eventually get to a new normal. Stay well. Allan

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