February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 13 – Sunshine Resort – the Village People

At the top of the Gondola lift and at the base of the main ski area, there is quite a vibrant village set up. In addition to the cafeteria and washroom areas, there are several lodges offering on hill accommodation, dining, etc. There are restaurants, dining rooms, cafeterias, areas to eat your own lunch, bars and coffee shops. There are also ski school, first aid and lost and found areas.

We did stop into the main cafeteria for a bowl of soup at one point and also grabbed a flat white in the Java Lift coffee shop.

It was after our coffee stop that we decided we were going to take the gondola back down the mountain. On arrival at the gondola, we were surprised to see a Closed sign set up. We were advised that there had been an electrical fault and that they were running the lift to empty all cars, before doing a few test circuits to determine if they could resume operations. They advised us to go wait in the Burger Co. restaurant until further notice. On a bit more investigation, we were told that if the gondola did not reopen, those who were not on skis would be taken down the hill on snowmobiles or in vehicles.

A snowmobile ride sounded great, but, alas it was not to be. After about 30 minutes, we could see them starting and stopping the lifts as they did their tests. 20 minutes later and the barriers were removed and we headed for the gondola.

At the top of the gondola

The original Lodge at Sunshine

Main cafeteria and accommodation buildings

Ski run from the Angel Chair as we lift off out of the village
The Village
peak view from the Village
Angel Express chair
lots of space to spread out
View from in front of Burger Co as we waited for Gondola repairs
Watching the gondola repairs from patio in front of Burger Co

9 thoughts on “February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 13 – Sunshine Resort – the Village People

    1. Oh, that would be nice. Whistler is a beautiful area and one never tires of waking up to mountain views. Life is a bit crazy in Edmonton right now. Everyone is getting used to the solitude, but a few people still do not seem to get what social distancing or staying in your bubble means. We tried to go for a walk in the city a few days ago and had to give up. People with dogs were congregating like all was normal and others walked right beside us rather than moving away. We gave up and came back to Beaumont. Still no TP on the shelves, but other supplies seem fine, if not a bit limited. I do the shopping during seniors hour and manage to keep up with grocery requirements. Supposed to get 20 cm of snow tonight with temps down to – 20. I thought it was spring, but, I must be wrong. Stay well, Aiva. Allan

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  1. Awe man! I’m sad for your missed snowmobile ride but glad you got down safe . My friend’s dad and others had to be hauled out of a stuck gondola by a rope a few years back. Mind you, that might have been fun too.

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