March 31/20 – Out Like a Lion


Self isolating, with nowhere to go,

I gazed out on last night’s wintery blast.

Everywhere were huge piles of new snow,

I’d need to head outside and bust my ass.

But, first, senior’s hour shopping must be done,

and all purchases dropped at my front door.

Then, grab a shovel, battle to be won,

cleaning nature’s new dump was quite the chore.

Inside at last, I remove winter gear

to complete 20 second COVID scrub,

then look outside, as skies begin to clear,

Is winter now over, No Siree, Bub!

My shoveling handiwork
It will be a while before we can sit out on the back deck and drink iced coffee.
Oops, I missed a spot
Almost like fine lace…..NOT!
Sun dappled.
the back garden
Why are they called evergreens? More like everwhites.
icing on the tree
Slip another shrimp on the barbie

10 thoughts on “March 31/20 – Out Like a Lion

    1. Hey Susie. How are you holding out. Looks like you are getting out for daily walks, anyway. Good to see your wrist is making progress. Our good news from the day is that we managed to score some TP. Yay. Stay well and thanks for reading. Allan


    1. You sound like my Patty. Her oft repeated phrase at a fresh coat of winter white is “Isn’t it beautiful.” The short answer is Yes, especially when the sun shines. We were just out to do a few errands and the reflected sun on the snow almost blinds us. Thanks for your compliments on my tongue in cheek poem. Enjoy your garden. Another two months and we will enjoy ours. Teehee. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan


      1. Ooooh I want to cry, lol. Why indeed? I ask myself every day. I went out with the dogs in my nightgown this morning at -20 in an act of defiance that really only hurt myself. heh

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 🙂 We don’t need you freezing to death.
        Have you been out lately? It says -11C but it feels warm! I think I’m delusional now.

        Liked by 1 person

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