Scenes from the Backyard – For-SHADOW-ing

Everyone’s world is a bit smaller these days. Ours consists of what we see in the backyard or on our local social-distancing walks.

Still, in all, there are some beautiful views, even in our snowy -20 March/April weather. Perhaps this cold spell is designed to make us feel better about not having our usual freedoms.

Stay well everyone.

10 thoughts on “Scenes from the Backyard – For-SHADOW-ing

  1. I’m enjoying the white while it lasts. Spring mud will be here soon and then the whole summer of endless outside work. So for now I enjoy.
    I do worry that once spring arrives it will be harder to keep everyone in their own bubble.

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    1. I remember spring on the farm with mud over my ankles. I expect it will be like that here this year. Yes, bubbles will be hard to maintain in warmer weather. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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