COVID Creative – Friday Night Date Night

A lot of restaurants are hurting right now, due to the COVID closures protocol. It is estimated that 10% of the restaurants closed due to the pandemic are already closed for good, a further 10% will not reopen if COVID closures last until the end of April. Up to 30% of the restaurants simply may not make it.

Many restaurants already offered numerous take out menu options. Others did a smaller or no take out business. Prolonged closure of restaurants calls for a bit of ingenuity and many places are stepping forward with delivery or curbside pickup options.

One of these, is our local French Canadian restaurant, Chartier. Their web site pick up menu (including a tip option) is refreshed every day at 11:00 AM and curbside pickup is available at Chartier between the hours of Noon and 8 PM, daily except Monday. Once you order and pay for your choices, you have the option to drive or walk for pickup. During pickup, social distancing rules still apply

For last Friday’s date night, we ordered a chicken pot pie from Chartier that gave us two meals. It was delicious. Stupidly, I took no photos of this, so can not share in this blog.

Yesterday, we opted for the Montreal smoked meat sandwich and poutine. How Canadian, eh? We added home made coleslaw and chilled Pinot Grigio to complete our meal. We would have lit some candles, but we were too hungry.

For our Saturday morning breakfast, we also ordered a cinnamon bun (they are huge).

I want to give a huge shout out to Sylvia and Darren of Chartier for bringing a hint of normalcy to an otherwise crazy mixed up world. We miss being able to visit the restaurant and we know they miss visiting with all their diners.

If you can, please do your bit to keep your favourite restaurant(s) afloat, we will all be the better for it, during our isolation and when we return to whatever passes for the new normal afterwards.

Now for a description of our pickup process. We chose to walk up and get our daily exercise in the process. At the restaurant, we took our place 3 meters from the door and awaited our package. A staff member brought a brown paper bag out and placed it on a chair on the sidewalk. We had a freshly laundered carry bag with us and placed the paper bag in it, to carry home. My hands stayed clean holding the bag, while my Patty placed it inside.

At home, I placed the carry bag on our ceramic cook top. Patty unpacked it and placed the contents in appropriate containers for heating or dining. A little bit of extra work, but worth it for peace of mind. (the black bag contained my weekly mail pick up and local newspaper, which will be “processed” at another time).

the clean scene
the extraction process
ready for the unveiling
Do it Yourself Poutine kit (OMG, it was still fabulous)
Montreal smoked meat sandwich on a white roll
Date night dining is almost ready
We are already looking forward to Saturday morning breakfast

30 thoughts on “COVID Creative – Friday Night Date Night

    1. Hey Lori. Help out where you can. We may be trying our favourite Ethiopian place next. All is well here, aside from the virus, but we will get through this. Thanks for reading and stay well. Allan

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      1. I agree!! I don’t know why we haven’t done take out yet other than a pizza! I am going to check out whats available! Most of our favorite Mom and Pop places are closed but we may find a new favorite!!! Lori

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  1. Wow, I want that cinnamon bun right away as it looks nothing but delicious! And the size is perfect too. We actually enjoy cooking and eating together. Although it’s a lot of work to make every breakfast, lunch and dinner from the scratch, the whole process has certainly brought us all even closer together. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. It was delightful. I can not believe that I ate a whole one by myself when the restaurant was open. We split this one 1/3 2/3 this morning and it was still large. We do a lot of scratch cooking too, but our locals need some help. Cheers Aiva. Allan

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  2. We live rural so only eat out, at best, once every 3 months or so for lunch so don’t think anyone will miss our tiny bit of money. We’ve been inventive here to keep using up the fresh stuff last and keep the grocery shopping down to no more than q 2 weeks

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    1. Agreed. We make sure to use the fresh stuff before its best before date and keep frozen stuff mostly in reserve. I try to manage my time in grocery stores down to as short as possible. Thanks goodness for Seniors hour, but some of the seniors seem to not be aware what social distancing means. Allan


      1. you are so right. we have to find the light during a time of darkness. Date night is something that dying most people old and you don’t understand the value in that special time.

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