Living Small – Exchanging the Open Road for the Park Path

On Saturday past, the weather was finally conducive to a walk. We donned our winter gear (yup, still cold in April) and headed out to keep our Physical Distance on our City pathways. As we started our walk about 11:30 AM, this was easy at first, but as the time and path wore on, it became increasingly difficult.

As we came upon solitary and groups of walkers, it seemed they thought that if they were passing by, they did not need to meet the 2 meter barrier. Us old neurotic folks were always the ones to climb the snow banks to provide the space. Most simply continued on their way, but a few did thank us. We felt at times like we should shout after them, “Well, why didn’t you move your ass outta the way then?”, but we kept our mouths shut (well, we did mumble under our breaths, but our mouths were still shut).

I guess all this social distancing is still new to a lot of people and they just do not think. Walking a dog or with one or two small ones in tow, the effort to move out of the way must seem too much for them, so they just let the old folks do it. Then, there were the groups of two families who walked behind each other, with the 2 meter distance. We wondered if they did not realize that a cough or a sneeze from the group ahead could linger in the still air.

In any event, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful walk. We will just start earlier, next time. After all, the daylight hours are getting longer and for some reason, I find myself not being able to sleep past 5:15 AM. And I can not even blame it on the 5:30 crow……YET.

Stay well, my friends and thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Living Small – Exchanging the Open Road for the Park Path

    1. You begin to think that maybe you are just paranoid, but nope some people are just Egyptian….deep in denial. Just walked up for a bit of shopping and saw 3 store workers on a smoke break, but not social distancing. Hmmmm. On the other hand, it is a beautiful warm sunny day and the melt is on…for now. Hope all is well Lynette. Allan

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  1. I’m laughing about your future crow but only because if I didn’t love them, I hate them for that very reason too!

    I passed an old guy today. Late 70s maybe…walking a little dog. I had to walk on.the.road to maintain distance from him and he questioned me! Well, he had his dog question me,lol. “She wants to know why you’re so far away?” I was like…whaaaaat? But then I sighed and said that she was very pretty and I wished I could pet her but with this VIRUS around I didn’t want to make anyone sick. An odd exchange. Maybe he doesn’t watch the news…

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    1. Ha Ha. Yup, they are busy making a nest in my Spruce tree, because they know I hate their noise. Wish they would flock off. As to the people who do not seem to get it yet, their initials are O.B. and last name Livious. How can you miss the details with all that is on the tube and radio these days, but I guess if the U.S. governors missed the part about transmitting the disease before showing obvious symptoms, anything is possible. Stay safe Lael. Allan

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      1. We went for our walk around the block last night and it was like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I do not know why there are so many of them around, but they have chawed away most of the robins. Maybe these Corvids, need to be quarantined for Covid. Ha Ha. Allan

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      2. I think they are having their social hour before settling down to roost for the night. They do it here too.
        Ha HA! I’d gladly gather them all up! My dream would be to have a legion of Corvids, hee.

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