February 21/19 – Winterlude Part 21 – Canmore – Levels

We were sad to be leaving Canmore today. After breakfast, we packed up the car, but instead of heading for the Trans Canada Highway, we drove back through town, past the Canmore Nordic Centre and on up Secondary Road 742 (Smith Dorien Trail) to capture the view from above. The Smith Dorien Trail is one of the highest mountain roads in Canada (Smith Dorien Pass at 6,205 feet ASL). It is 70 km of winding, climbing gravel road, with plenty of wildlife and scenic views.

We only drove as far as Whiteman’s Pond by Ha Ling Peak (formerly Chinaman’s Peak). There were obviously some racist dudes around the area, naming these landmarks, back in the day.


Lenticular clouds

and high shining white mountains.

Good on all levels.

Lentucular cloud forming over Canmore
Whiteman’s Pond and peaks behind
Winter peak
Canmore and mountain peaks to the North from near Whiteman’s Pond

Photos taken, we were soon on our way back down to Canmore and home.

6 thoughts on “February 21/19 – Winterlude Part 21 – Canmore – Levels

    1. My comment was a bit tongue i cheek. Even 66 years ago, people said things differently, some meaning offence, others not. There are a few other features in the Canmore area that I chose not to mention, as racism was intended even in those days. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  1. I much prefer Ha Ling Peak 🙂 In Port Moody there were some reeeally bad ones that I just straight up refused to say. I couldn’t. I cringed every time.

    The Smith Dorien trail sounds like a road I need to travel on. Thank you for introducing it to me!

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    1. I hear you. I remember growing up we thought nothing of saying the impolite names for Brazil nuts and the little black licorice candies. Times change and as long as we change with them, we are alright. Some spectacular scenery along the Smith Dorien. Be prepared for rough dusty gravel roads in the summer, unless of course it is pouring rain. We have travelled it a couple of times. Some nice lakes and wildlife along the way. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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    1. Hi Aiva. I was disappointed that my shot of the pond was so blurry. It was one of those mornings when the strong winter sun would not allow my autofocus to work and I could not get themanual right either. Oh well. Yup, the cloud was an unexpected bonus. Too bad I was not out in the mountains somewhere when it appeared. Stay well. Allan


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