February 21/19 – Winterlude Part 22 – Canmore, Cochrane, Cremona, Carstairs and Home – Sight C-ing in Southern Rural Alberta

In Southern Alberta, there are a lot of towns and villages with place names starting with C. Not sure why this is. Perhaps, the early explorers were simply working through the alphabet and could not C their way clear to move on.

As we left Canmore and headed East on TCH-1, I offered a alternate route home to our travelling companions. We could head home at high speed along Highway 1 to Calgary, jump on the Stony Trail Ring Road and off at Highway 2, where we would head North to Beaumont. Speeds on these roads were higher and the roads would be in good condition, but the views would be, well, boring. I suggested we take the turnoff to Cochrane on Highway 22 (the Cowboy Trail, another C name), Head North to Cremona and then West on Secondary Highway 591 to Carstairs where we could connect to Highway 2.

L & L jumped at the chance to see a bit of rural Alberta scenery and we had a plan to execute.

distance shot of winter field full of round straw bales, North of Cochrane
snowy stubble fields between Cremona and Carstairs
sublime Alberta winter prairie scene
L took this one, looking South, just East of Cremona, showing the prairie winter sky
My Patty took this one. L has a thing for rural Alberta fence posts, the dry grass was just a bonus
I could not believe my luck when I came upon this old tractor, sitting in a field near Carstairs. I could almost picture my Dad cultivating the summerfallow on our farm, as Mom and I took him his lunch

No photos past this point, just a potato chip and washroom stop in Carstairs, a one hour lunch stop at Glen’s in Red Deer and at long last home. The travel and stopping took us bout 5 hours. Had we gone the other route, we might have been home a half hour sooner, but, then what would I have to blog about. After all, life is a journey, not a race.

4 thoughts on “February 21/19 – Winterlude Part 22 – Canmore, Cochrane, Cremona, Carstairs and Home – Sight C-ing in Southern Rural Alberta

  1. When we do go into those mountains we always go the back way and never through Calgary. The scenery is so gorgeous in that area. The roads always in good shape and the traffic lite. Glad you enjoyed the journey.

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