Living Small – We Will Find Our Way

This is part three of my story of our physical distancing walk last Saturday. We regularly walk is this route to and around Don Sparrow Lake in 4 Seasons Park. While the paths are wider here, we wondered how passing others would go. My first post indicated the results were not great on the paths leading to and from the park. It was a bit better when we did the loop around the lake, but we still found ourselves pausing in the wider parts of the path or climbing the snow banks. We did our best to go the same direction as the other walkers and this helped a bit.

As we entered the park, we saw an acquaintance doing Tai Chi up on a small hill by the path. She promised not to push us too hard, as she continued her patterns as we walked by. She also told us that someone had built a series of Inukshuks out of the frozen snow along the trail. Inukshuks are stone markers, typically used by the Inuit and other Northern peoples to mark travel routes, fishing places, campsites and food caches.

The Inukshuks along the trail were not as dramatic as the stone ones, but they did bring smiles to our faces, as we passed them by.

White on white
Obviously, not built by a short person
Happy Trails
down by the Lake
Last year’s leaves didn’t……leave that is.
Hope to see these greening up in the next few months
Reeds along the lakeshore
even the reeds seem to be saying “Uncle” to all the snow that has fallen

By the time we returned home, we had walked 4.3 km., our longest walk since this all began. Next time we try this, we will leave earlier in the day. Stay well.

7 thoughts on “Living Small – We Will Find Our Way

    1. Agreed. Can’t count on everyone being at work these days. The inukshuk were a real bright spot in a otherwise dreary month. Thanks for reading Bernie. Stay well. Allan


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