February 22/19 – Winterlude Part 23 – Making Memories

When we heard L & L were coming here for a winter visit, we knew we had to gather the whole family together, so everyone would have the chance to visit with them, while they were here.

To accomplish this, we proposed an informal weekend pizza party at our place, with a potential guest list of 12 family members and friends. We weren’t sure of the final count until the day of, but ended up with only one last minute cancellation.

Even though the gathering was informal, we had a lot to do, as we would be just getting back from the mountains the night before. In the morning, we hosted a breakfast, so the 3 sisters could get some extra visiting time together.

L & L had wished for a fresh snow fall while they were here and were pleased to see their wish come true. So, after breakfast, I headed outside to shovel. Thanks guys.

While I was shoveling our walks and driveway, as well as those of 2 other neighbours, I did some car juggling to create extra parking space and also a bit of car maintenance for M.

Back in the house, guests started arriving and there seemed to be something going on to interest each guest.

In the kitchen, son, daughter and niece chatted away about small domestic animals (can you even call them pets, anymore?) and veterinary services.

In the family room, sisters and friends reminisced about times past and present (this was the vibe we were going for).

In the living room, neighbour R and brother L allowed this struggling mandolin player to sit in with them as they skillfully rambled through Cape Breton and Celtic classics, as well as some of L’s many original compositions.

Conversation, music and wine flowed, each one seemingly trying to outdo the other in turn. It was the perfect day and party and after the last guest left and the dust settled, I think my Patty and I were surprised at how successful it had been. We should not have been, as we had all the right ingredients and most of the credit should go to my thoughtful planner bride. Sometimes, all you need are family, friends and good intentions. The rest will just follow.

Yes, folks, there are photos, but I will just stick with the snow shots, out of respect for our guests. May all your gathering be filled with fun and laughter. The rest is just a bonus.

This post was typed long before current Covid 19 seclusion rules. It is made even more poignant by the lack of family and friend gatherings due to the pandemic. Stay safe, remember the good time and do all you can to bring back their early return.

13 thoughts on “February 22/19 – Winterlude Part 23 – Making Memories

  1. Sounds like it was a memorable time 🙂 I can’t wait for this all to be over so we can see all our loved ones again. I feel bad for the ones who live alone and have no face to face interaction during this time.
    Stay well Allan!

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    1. For sure. Yup, Easter is going to look very different this year. I wonder how at ease everyone will be with closeness, after the restrictions ease. My tongue was in my cheek when I suggested it was like everyone had Cooties, but….how tough will it be to go back to a slap dash approach on meeting and greeting. Some say the handshake will be a thing of the past. What about the hug. Yikes. All well here Angie. Stay well. Allan

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  2. Ah I was just thinking about our regular Friday night pizza family dinners here. 7 dogs, the 2 littles and 6 adults. It’s always chaotic but I miss them so much. Glad you had that family time just before the chaos began.
    Thanks for sharing the story. I totally get the no pics of them as I always ask permission to use before I post.

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    1. I hear you. No gatherings here now except of us two. Miss the kids and the hugs. Hope all comes back to almost normal in future weeks. Agree on the pix. On this one, it was just easier to tell the tale. Stay well Bernie. Allan


  3. I’m glad to hear you had a memorable family gathering. Your post made me think how much I miss visiting our friends and family and how much I miss organising pizza nights and family gatherings at our place place. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Thanks. Yes, incorrectly called social distancing, it should be called physical distancing. I think many of us have never been more social,using phone and video chats. I agree we miss our friends and family the most, so in the absence of personal contact, here is a hug from me. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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    1. It was much appreciated by Linda and Lloyd as well, for sure. So glad we could do this. Not sure it would have been the same out in the yard, with masks and gloves. Cheers. Allan


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