February 23/19 – Winterlude Part 24 – a Trip Down Memory Lane

Being the considerate hosts that we are, we asked L & L what they wanted to eat, see and do while they were here. As both of them had lived in Edmonton a long time ago, they wanted to go back to some places that they remembered fondly, to see what was old and what was new..

The day started out with morning coffees and throat clearing, where L and I determined that we were “Best Phlegms”. Sorry for the image, which I will not augment with a photo.

I made my “famous” cheddar biscuits for breakfasts and we washed them down with more coffee. After a bit of a tidy up, we were off to our first stop of the day, L & A’s new house. L & L wanted to see the fur babies and the house and both tasks were accomplished.

We were soon on our way to a parking spot at the Kinsmen Sports Centre, so we could set off down memory lane to L & L’s old stomping grounds. They particularly wanted to see Edmonton’s new signature 5th Street bridge and after parking the car, we walked across for the best views of the bridge, river valley and old Rossdale power plant.

For comparison purposes, here are some pix of the old Walterdale Bridge and the new 5th Street bridge, side by side, as one was being completed and the other dismantled in 2017. L opined it would be neat to see the 2 bridges juxtaposed and I assured him a had a photo of that.

Then it was up 105 Street toward Government Centre, past a few old houses and one very tall fire hydrant.

Post war bungalow on 105 Street
Is this hydrant tall or is L short
Pillar of Strength eternal flame for fallen police and emergency services officers at Legislature

We paused in front of the old Terrace Building to hear the story of how L & L met, in the good old key punch data entry days.

Dried flower arrangement?
1913 Alberta Legislature Building
a walk down Memory Lane at the Legislature
Centennial (1967) flame at Alberta Legislature

On the West side of the Legislature grounds, we turned South to cross the river valley on the 1913 High Level bridge. This is always a good walk with tremendous views of the skyline and the river valley.

As we approached the South end of the bridge, our ultimate goal was in sight. The 1940 Garneau Block, which included a selection of eclectic Edmonton eateries, as well as a historic theatre. We headed straight for La Poutine for the best version of the Canadian staple available in Edmonton. Everyone went for the Traditional, except me. I had the Taco version. Mt Patty says Yuchhh.

After our tasty lunch, we popped into the restored Garneau theatre lobby.

The theatre originally opened as the 2nd location of a new theatre chain in 1940, before joining the Famous Players chain in 1941, until closing in late 1990. The theatre reopened as the Magic Lantern in 1991 and faced the threat of demolition by the nearby University, until public opposition and costs shelved the plan. A new owner came on board in 2001 with big plans to expand the building, but public opposition again stopped the redevelopment. The City paid a chunk of money to the developer to restore the exterior to the 1940 appearance and declared the building a Municipal Historic Resource in 2009. The Metro Cinema Society took control in 2011 and now shows international, art and local interest films. (Source:Wikipedia)

Flat whites at Transcend coffee completed our time at the Garneau block.

Transcend Coffee (local roaster and coffee shop chain)

Refreshment break over, it was now time to head down Waterdale Hill, back to the car. Our trip down memory lane was now complete.

8 thoughts on “February 23/19 – Winterlude Part 24 – a Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Looks like a nice day for a walk. I just confess that I’ve never spent much time in Edmonton. My sister has lived there off and on for years but we usually just visit them so thanks for the tour and the history. I do know where the antique mall is!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. In fact, most of journeys this day have to be that way. The bridge was a big discussion, but worth the effort. It makes a good statement in our city. Thanks for reading and stay well Aiva. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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