Living Small – Howling at the Moon

The first full moon of April was on April 7 and is known as the Pink Super Moon, because it is the first full moon of spring. It did not look pink to me, so I doctored a photo. What do you think?

Howling at the Moon

All locked up inside

like all others, there’s no use

howling at the Moon.

Here are the shots from April 7/20 PM

I have a lot of trees in my yard, so early evening shots were through the trees
Kind of like a Hallowe’en shot, right?
Finally at 10 PM, a clear shot. That is when the clouds moved over the face.

and here are the shots from April 8/20 AM

6 AM ish – still pretty dark to the West
I used Clear Image zoom to get this one. A little digital hocus pocus, but not too bad
There are trees to the West too.
Dawn twilight skies
Just before I lost sight of it behind my neighbour’s house.

10 thoughts on “Living Small – Howling at the Moon

    1. That was the trouble with our limitations on leaving the area. Too much clutter in the city, but I could deal with that. Would have liked to get a natural pink shot as it rose with sun going down, but. I do not remember hearing about so many “Super” moons in past years. Perhaps I was just not paying attention. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


  1. I love all these names our culture gives these events. It does my witchy heart good.
    Your photos are beautiful.
    Did you know there is a group in the city that howls -separately but together from their own locations- at the moon at 8pm? It’s been great fun 🙂

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    1. Nice to hear the old lore coming back. Time we got in touch with the old days. As to the howling, I did not know this. Are you their leader? Tee Hee. No howling at the moon hear, except the doggies in the hood. Have a great Easter weekend, Lael. Allan

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  2. Wow, fantastic photos, Allan! We were excited to see the pink moon, but the weather changed and the night was heavily overcast, stealing the chance to have a peak at the pink moon! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. My pink moon title shot is a fake, though. My photo, but retouched to add the pink. It was too high in the sky, before it came into view, so all we got was the white moon. Glad you liked the shots. Thanks for reading. Allan

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