February 24/19 – Winterlude Part 25 – Tock About a Good Time

Tock is a card/board game that L & L introduced us to, many years back. It is akin to Trouble or Aggravation, with the playing of a card determining where your marble(s) are moved around the board. The final admonition on the rule sheet is “and Don’t be Nice”. I am happy to say, not only are we not nice when we play this game, we are downright VICIOUS. Yayyyyy?

TOCK about a Good Time

Precious days and minutes keep on winding down,

we’ve been to the mountains and all ’round the town.

We shared many laughs and heard some fine music,

now dig out the Tock board, we’ve not yet used it.

Tournament play starts, conversation all brash,

each team in turn, vows the other team they’ll thrash.

Game one now over, the ladies team has won,

a pause for caffeine, gents are not having fun.

Game two goes to the men, they’re now feeling fine.

break out the bubbly, we could all use some wine.

Rubber match soon begins, lead goes forth and back,

ladies grasp victory, they get winner’s plaque.

Smiling and laughing at good times we have had,

moments spent together, for which we are glad.

Coffee break
why are these women smiling?
bubbling over
stop your w(h)ining men
Home made Tock board – Should not have used soft pine, but it plays well and you can have up to six players

17 thoughts on “February 24/19 – Winterlude Part 25 – Tock About a Good Time

  1. have never heard of this game before but I got excited when I saw the game board!! It looks very similar to a wooden board game my dad made over 50 years ago!! He called it Dog House!! I still have it but lost the marbles for it!!! Looks like it is the same idea except ours had just 4 sections and was square!!! Thanks for the memories!!! Lori

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    1. Here is the Wikipedia link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tock. Not sure why I made it a 6 player game. It definitely works better as a 4 player game and I made a custom oak game board for each of my sons on their weddings. Marbles are difficult to come by these days (at least so many in one colour and pattern, so I used beads. My wife and I even mad a travel version on foam and using googly eyes as markers. Here is the link to the post for the custom boards I made https://wordpress.com/post/stillconfusedbutamusedblog.wordpress.com/911. Thanks for reading and dig out your Dad’s old game board. Happy Easter. Allan

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      1. Well, I ran downstairs and pulled the game board out already, currently was googling marbles!!! I love the idea of substituting beads!!! Marbles are indeed hard to come by!!! Thanks for the links!! Have a great Easter!! Lori

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  2. I’ve never heard about this game before, definitely have to use mister Google to find out more. It’s actually been ages since I’ve played a board game, have to see what we have at home. Have a lovely weekend 😊 Aiva

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  3. Hi Allan. Great post. Looking forward to trying a COVID Skype Version. If it doesn’t work we can at least drink some wine!!

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