Living Small – Back Yard Nature

I got a few strange looks when I said I planned to plow a path through my backyard snow drifts, in case we were unable to walk elsewhere during the pandemic. OK, perhaps this was a bit crazy, but my ulterior motive was to aid in the spring time snow melt, as well as allow me to get to places in the yard without struggling through the snow drifts.

Well, this “Loonie Toons” path has actually already paid dividends. It allowed me to get some shots of the recent Pink Super Moon and today, I did a bit of backyard birding. And if you believe my only excuse was to open up the back yard sooner, this photo take 2 days later would seem to support that theory.

Our yard and in fact, the entire city for that matter has a plague of crows right now, so we are very happy when the prettier and better voiced birds come around. Today, we had a visit from the Pileated Woodpecker, the 2nd largest (16-19 inches long with a wing span between 26 and 30 inches) woodpecker native to North America. Busy with something else, I missed his time in my yard, but was able to capture some shots when he moved to the neighbour’s bird feeder and tree.

Truly an impressive specimen, he hung around for awhile, pecking and calling (sounding similar to a Kookaburra, strangely enough) before the crows and blue jays drove him away.

What a sight. I also captured some Black-capped Chickadee and sparrows.

Happy trails.

9 thoughts on “Living Small – Back Yard Nature

    1. Ha Ha. Keeps me in shape. I actually started off with a small snow blower, which crapped out on me, so I had to finish the last 1/3 by hand. It is working, though. I am seeing grass in my back yard, despite the cooler temps and howling winds today. I had one neighbour years ago, that used to snow blow his whole yard out onto the street. Not that crazy….yet! Allan


  1. I can’t believe a woodpecker came to visit your garden. I am always excited to see robins and blue tits at our bird feeder, so anything above that would be a dream come true moment. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend 😊 Aiva

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    1. Funny thing is my wife was watching out the window and saw a tiny woodpecker come onto our tree and was marveling at it, when the big guy came by. We do get quite a parade of birds through the yard. No blue tits over here and the robins are in short supply, thanks to our resident murder of crows eating the eggs and young. The crows have taken over the town, just like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Wish they would move along. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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  2. Hi.
    Good Greets, Wishes Happy. Easter Too. To
    All So There. Here Allan… Just Blown In…
    In Deed. Indeed
    🤗 👍
    Snow Knows In Our World. Legends
    Tell Dark Soils, Ash, Charcoal… So
    Sprinkled Atops So Downs Snow
    Piles Much More. Moreovers
    Prevents Snow-Molds Moldings. Effectively
    Also. All So
    There. Take Care. Stay
    Safe, Well.
    Till Next… Shiro 😎

    P.S..?. Be That Shovel Ergonomic.?. Or
    So Bent Outs Of Shapes.?.

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    1. Happy Easter to you Shiro. Hope this finds you well during the current times. We sit here hoping for the albido effect to kick in so all this wonderful white stuff can make its departure. One day warm, next 2 days cold. It is supposed to be up in the teens here by late next week. I won’t hold my breath. As to the shovel, it is indeed ergonomic. Not sure it helps, but there it is. So glad to hear from you. Stay well my friend. Allan

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