Happy Easter

Wishing everyone Peace, so badly needed, love of friends and family and harmony of those with you and those who you communicate with electronically, during this time. Also, chocolate, if you were able to get to the store.

Thanks to all who read. Stay well and stay home.

25 thoughts on “Happy Easter

    1. Hi Bernie. Happy Easter to you, as well. Sad to say, those flower photos were taken in Vancouver more than a month ago. So much colour there and so much white here. Snowing again today. Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for reading. Allan


      1. We stuck with choco bars this year rather than Purdys or Bernard Callebaut. Coffee Crisp for Patty and a Mars Bar for me. Looking forward to good chocolate next year. Thanks for reading. Allan

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      2. OOooooh two good choices!
        I’m also fond of Purdys and Bernard Callebaut. ❤ Have you had Roger's ? They have the BEST customer service. And delicious treats too. Ok, lets be honest. I'll pretty much eat any chocolate,heh

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      1. I worked all weekend but I’m off today. We did our egg hunt this morning and we’ve been just enjoying each other today. I’m about to start making our Easter Supper 🙂

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    1. Glad you can get out for walks. Does everyone take physical distancing seriously? We are still finding a few walkers out there who think if they walk by you close and fast, that counts as distancing. We, as seniors often have to be the ones to climb out of there way. Stay safe. Allan

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      1. yes, despite some of the negative things you hear or see posted for the most part I do see a great deal of physical distancing. I walk around a running track and they only let five people in at a time for 30 minutes. and we all have on mask. I need these walks they help me.

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