Living Small – Deceptive

We were out for our daily walk, when this poem came to me. How easy is it to fool ourselves into seeing only what we want to see and think we know how it will all turn out. Stay well my friends.


If you didn’t know what was going on, you might be a tad confused,

most sidewalks have fewer pedestrians and the roads are barely used.

If you never listened to the news broadcasts or looked at your smart phone,

you would think this was the strangest occurrence that you had ever known.

But, people are struggling and some will succumb to this threat very real,

listen attentively, follow the rules, this is a really big deal.

We must all do our part, pay attention and stay truly receptive,

if we fail to do so, our reality won’t be so deceptive.

Now the photos that prompted this, the before and afters, so to speak.

The first shot looks like we are well on our way to a sloppy spring, the second one on the opposite side of the footbridge, not so much.

In this sequence, this row of houses looks perfectly normal, but look closer and you see the truth. Look across the street and you know what happened.

Ahhh, nothing like a walk in the mountains and through a birch grove. Then the reality of our small world of travel.

Down on the farm, but are we? Well, a tree farm on the edge of town, I guess.

This photo looks like spring green grass after a late snow fall. Nope, it is a low maintenance Astroturf lawn in April. Not only is the real grass around here not green, it is still frozen solid. Temperature on April 11 is -4C with a howling wind making it feel like -14C. Under these conditions, I would think the grass would be blue.

7 thoughts on “Living Small – Deceptive

    1. Thanks Susie. I just felt a burst of warmth. Weather is supposed to straighten around here this week. Up to +17 C (62 F). Will believe it when I see it. Stay well. Allan


  1. You got me with the mountains and Birch trees 🙂
    I think your post is a great reminder to question all things. And that one can question all things without having to wear tin foil on their heads.

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    1. Ahhhh, but I wanna wear tinfoil on my head. We need to question all things good and bad. I wish the press briefings from the leaders of several nations could be played side by side for all countries to see. It would be easy to figure out who the real leaders were and who they were interested in the welfare of…the people or themselves. We need to do this right or we will do it forever. Cheers and thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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      1. Haaa! Then you may! But please take a photo! I have a pic of Carolyn wearing a tin foil hat. She was bloody hilarious.
        Absolutely we do. I wish some of us questioners used our brains in the process. C19 did not come here riding 5G and the government did not create this pandemic so they could force 5G on us…le sigh..

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    1. As the saying goes….Perception is Reality. What we think we see, is not always the reality. I do love these transformer cling wraps though. That may be our only way of travelling for the next while. Stay well. Allan


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