European Vacation – October 5/19 – Road Trip – Part 1 – Cooley Mountains – Misty Mountain Morn

Now back to finish off my Ireland travel posts from October 2019. It occurred to me that if I want the current winter weather to stop, I need to stop posting about winter. Lets see if it works.

The plan for this day was to take us through the Cooley Mountains to Carlingford, then across Carlingford Lough to Rostrevor in Northern Ireland and eventually back home. Alas, the rain had finally caught up with us and the weather on this day would be changeable.

Nonetheless, we set off at 10 to see the sights. The day was grey and misty as we headed to the Cooleys and rain fell intermittently.

The Cooley Mountains are located on the Cooley Peninsula in northeast County Louth in Ireland. Slieve Foy is the highest peak at 588 meters.


Our first stop was in the Omeath area to see the Long Woman’s grave. You can read the story on the photo below.

There was a walk near the grave, but we drove on to a walk further along, in an geological area known as the Carlingford Complex.

Looking at the descriptive sign, this area would have been really lovely on a sunny day, but the combination of mud, wet grass, poorly delineated paths and rain made it less pleasurable. We walked a bit, nonetheless, enjoying the misty hills covered in heather and gorse…..

….before giving up and walking back along the road while J fetched the car.

Showers increasing, we drove on along the narrow road past pastoral scenes.

7 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 5/19 – Road Trip – Part 1 – Cooley Mountains – Misty Mountain Morn

    1. Just back from a walk and the weather is delightful, but some walkers are still stupid. Gonna be a strange year with no travel or local festivals. Better stock up on wine. I hear we are supposed to get rain/snow for the next 24 and then spring will arrive. Righttttttt! The Coolies were beautiful, even in the mist. Hope to get back there on a sunny day. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haaahaaa! I love that you’re as disbelieving as I am about the season. Thank you for that, you make me feel normal!
        It really is…did your heart drop into your stomach when you heard about The Fringe Fest too? Dooooom! Was what my body was saying to me.

        Liked by 1 person

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