European Vacation – October 4-8/19 – Collon, Ireland – Family Tree

Collon was to be our base for the last few days of our vacation, before we headed back to home and normalcy. We were staying with cousins we had first met in 2008, but since then, we had become fast friends and visited back and forth many times.

Collon is a village and townland in the South West corner of county Louth in Ireland. It is home to the Cistercian Abbey of New Mellifont and to Collon House, ancestral home of the Foster family.

The Foster family came to Ireland from Cumberland in the 17th century and for several generations were the dominant influence in Dunleer, which they represented in the Irish House of Commons. Collon House, the family seat was built around 1740 and extended in the 1770s.

At one point, there was a Russian language school in the village, founded by White Russian emigres Nicholas Couris and his wife. It is rumoured that British spies Philby, Burgess and Maclean, attended here as part of their Russian language training.

As of the 2006, the urban population was 564 and the rural area population was 1,306.


The book, Blood Relative by Michael Gray writes that relative(s) of the last Russian Czar, Nicholas II lived secretly in Collon after the Bolshevik Revolution and that he is a descendant of the Russian royal family. A family Aunt, who worked at the house was interviewed for the book. Imagine, such intrigue in such a small village.

There was little or no intrigue while we were there. Suffice it to say, we enjoyed spending our time with family.

Views from F & J’s place.

Flora and Fauna around the yard

rural scenes around the village

around the village

This house was where the Russians were thought to have lived

10 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 4-8/19 – Collon, Ireland – Family Tree

    1. Finding all the long lost rellies is always good, except yesterday, when they sent the pix of all the flower blooms in their garden. Sigh. Guess we just have to wait. Stay well Bernie. Allan


    1. Yup. Small village friendly, with a lot going on nearby. As to the book, Patty has read it twice. It is full of intrigue, for sure, with links to the British Royal family. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan

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