Living Small – Cheapskate Date

Nothing on the Chartier menu for us this past week, so we opted for some takeout for a Thursday date night. I must say that while the price was most affordable (some would even say, cheap), the process was much more complex during COVID 19 social distancing rules.

  1. Only the drive thru window was open.
  2. Payment with Visa tap. This requires having the card already out in a clean hand and making sure not to contaminate it or the hand.
  3. Everything is served in a plain brown bag handed through the window. I grabbed it with one hand and passed it to Patty who took it with one hand.
  4. You had to keep track of clean and dirty hands. After the hand-off, Patty used the gel she had in her clean hand to make sure my dirty hand was sanitized, before I touched the steering wheel. Patty just kept track of her clean and dirty hands until we got home.
  5. Once home, clean hand/dirty hand rules had to be followed for getting out of car, opening house door, placing food bag into sink, removing contents, putting food onto pans to reheat in oven, pouring Root Beer into frosty mugs, disposing of garbage.
  6. Then and only then, did we both head to the sink to do a 20 second soap and water hand wash. I am getting pretty sick of Mary Had a Little Lamb, I can tell you.

Despite all the extra work, the result was quite delicious, but, we are finding it slightly weird that recycling and garbage rules seem to have all fallen by the wayside. I guess, desperate times call for desperate measures. We likely will not be going through the takeout food procedure many times over the length of the shutdown.

Here is the old A & W jingle from the late 1960s. Life seemed so simple then, did it not?

Lets all go to A & W, food’s more fun at A & W,

we’ll have a mug of root beer or maybe two or three,

we’ll pick the perfect size from the burger family,,

hey, lets all go to A & W, I can taste it now, can’t you

hop in the car, come as you are to A & W.

9 thoughts on “Living Small – Cheapskate Date

  1. There are so many little things that we have to do now on everyday basis just because of the virus! I haven’t been anywhere for three weeks now and to make things easier for us, we (it’s usually Valters) go grocery shopping only once a week and that’s all. No take aways and no unnecessary shopping. This way, we don’t have to worry too much about catching the COVID -19. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  2. Going out for lunch (on grocery day) is our weekly treat. We also go through the drive-thru with the credit card tap. We take a soapy cloth and another one to rinse off – and a hand towel to dry off. We eat our burgers while parked at the lake and really enjoy it.

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    1. Thank goodness for tap. My old card had tap failure. That would not have been good in these times. I also no longer take the receipts. Burgers by the lake sounds good. No lake here and too cold, but maybe on the deck by Sunday. Thanks for commenting Ann. Allan


  3. Clean hand — dirty hand >> reminds me of the OR when there are times you have that scenario. Take out seems like way too much effort and that sure wouldn’t be my choice. I’ve been anti A & W since they decided Canadian beef was not for them.

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    1. My wife is my monitor whenever we travel, even before the virus and especially when heading down for breakfast in a hotel. Anything outside our bubbles these days is too much effort, even getting the mail. As to A & W, I hear you. I hope Canadian producers will be able to offer hormone and additive free beef in sufficient quantities one day that A & W and other food chains can change their ordering practices. I know some chains already have. Thanks for your thoughts, Bernie. Allan


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