Living Small – Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

With the current isolation protocols, some buttermilk and my dwindling stock of Whole Meal Flour brought back from Ireland, I made another attempt at Irish Wheaten Bread. Stupidly, I used a new recipe that was iffy on the amount of liquid required. My bad, but it still tasted good.

Notes to self:

1) make the dough wetter

2) omit the molasses

Ready to Bake
Ready to Slice
Ready to Eat – Yummy

13 thoughts on “Living Small – Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

    1. Best of luck. Let me know how it turns out. There was a real yeast shortage in Alberta as everyone snapped up the stuff in stores. The a flour shortage. It s starting to come back now. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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      1. We can’t find flour in any of the grocery stores here either, except for Costco. Now that we have this massive bag of flour, we’re looking for ways to use it and try out new recipes. Last week we made scones. This week we’re going to try to make bread. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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      2. You can also make baking powder biscuits which do not require yeast. Buttermilk instead of milk and grated cheddar. So yummy and less work than scones. Happy baking. Allan


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