European Vacation – October 5/19 – Road Trip – Part 3 – Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

Rostrevor is a village and townland in County Down, Northern Ireland, on the coast of Carlingford Lough, at the foot of Slieve Martin. Ros is the Irish word for woods and trevor is named for Sir Edward Trevor from Derbyshire, Wales, who settled in the area in the early 17th century.

Given its proximity to the border with Ireland, it has seen its fair share of grief during the Troubles. In January 1983, Eric Brown (Protestant) and Brian Quinn (Catholic), both of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, were shot dead by the Provisional Irish Republican Army, as they sat in their unmarked police car.


Pulling off the ferry, we drove into Rostrevor and started looking for a cup of coffee. We tried a fast food shop and a pub, before finally being directed to the Old School House Coffee House and Bistro.

Immediately on entering, the place seemed to be the local favourite. Young and old alike were inside on this rainy Saturday. We ordered coffees and a sweet. The caramel peanut slice and the chocolate brownie were great, but the 1″ thick icing was too much of a good thing.

The rain had abated by the time we finished, so we headed back to our car to drive to Kilbroney Park for our hike. The village seemed tidy enough as we walked through it.

10 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 5/19 – Road Trip – Part 3 – Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

    1. Thank you. Glad they are helping to make isolation a little more bearable. I sure hope travel can return one day or all our worlds will be very small. Next series to start shortly on Vancouver, just ahead of the Covid crisis. Stay well and stay positive. Allan


  1. Do you think the people who live in these neat places ever get tired of their beautiful surroundings? I feel like I would soak it all in, like new, every day.

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    1. Like all folk, I expect they might get a wee bit complacent from time to time, but on that perfect misty morning looking at the Mountains of Morne, I am sure they smile and are glad to see the view. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael.


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  2. It’s been years since we last visited Rostrevor! There’s something special about the Carlingford Lough and the Mountains of Morne! Ahhh…. If only we could travel. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend, Allan. Greetings from sunny Ireland 😊 Aiva

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    1. I would like to spend some time in the area hiking and exploring. Weather is improving here. April showers this AM, very warm and getting warmer. All that snow has now changed to snirt and water. Running down the drains very quickly. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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