Living Small – Let Them Eat Cake

When you are stuck inside for long periods of time and you can not frequent your favourite shops or cafes, you do get some cravings.

A short while back, my Patty asked me to Google an authentic recipe for Schwarzwälder kirschtorte or Blackforest Cherry Cake. Hey, I like cake, so the Googling happened pretty darn fast. She made the cake and it was delightful.

So, during the current pandemic, we were looking for a bit of comfort food and this one came up again. It was and still is delightful.

It is definitely a lot of work to make over a few days, but well worth it.

Now, let me get back to my cake………..

cake layers cooling
Some assembly required and do not forget the Kirsch
that’s the icing on the cake
and the cherry on top
All that hard work, then you have to cut it. No, that is not a one person serving, it will be cut into two. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.
When they tell you to leave it out of the fridge for it to soften a bit, do not believe them. All that Kirsch has to go somewhere.

14 thoughts on “Living Small – Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Wow, I want this cake, it looks absolutely delicious! I’m struggling without my favourite pastries and freshly baked bread from local farmers market. We bake at home but it’s not quite the same. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. It was and still is wonderful. It freezes nicely. I can take no credit for the baking. That all belongs to my beloved. I did the shopping, though. Thanks for reading and commenting Lynette. Hope all is well with you. Allan

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  2. Ooooooo that cake is the thing of DREAMS! ❤
    I would not judge you for eating that whole piece. The Hubs and I eat an entire pie in two sitting, ha ha. Apparently its supposed to serve 8 but I say "Screw you recommended serving size!"
    I've seen sour cherries at the Italian Centre Shop. The next time I'm there, I'm buying a jar and making this cake!

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