Living Small – Sauce for the Goose

The day held promise, warmer weather, less wind and low likelihood of precipitation. With that in mind, we opted to get out for our walk in the morning, before the crowds got out. For the most part, we managed this, and with the odd exception, social distancing went well.

However, we still found ourselves being the first ones to move over, climb snow banks, climb up on benches, etc. At one point, we actually stopped to talk with a fellow walker who had moved over before we did. We were not surprised to find she was of a similar age to us.

Why is it that some people think they can continue on as if there is no pandemic? It beats us.

Even the Canada Geese seemed to understand the need for Physical Distancing.

Sauce for the Goose

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,

when out for a hike, don’t let your mind wander.

As hikers approach, please move your ass over,

also please keep control of your dog, Rover.

While we can climb snowbanks or even a bench,

one wrong footstep and our knee we might wrench.

We can all share this path for our exercises,

if you just keep to your side, with no surprises.

To all those who get it, a tip of our hat,

if we must keep indoors, we will all get fat.

14 thoughts on “Living Small – Sauce for the Goose

  1. 🙂 I feel the same. I move my arse for anyone older than me.
    OH! And that gent who questioned me last time? Moved over when he saw me the other day!
    I’m so thankful for nicer days. I went out this AM and saw not one soul! I came back so energized. Way better than a cup of coffee to my surprise.

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    1. I find it hard to believe that some folk still do not gt it. We just came back from a walk and met a father daughter on a T intersection. We stood, waiting for the to decide where they were going. They then turned and walked right at us. WTF. Walks are a guilty pleasure. Long may they last. Allan

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      1. Long may they last indeed. ❤ Long may WE last with all these fools breathing past us. I find myself holding my breath until well after we've passed.

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  2. We saw foot steps on the freshly graded road yesterday. That’s the closest to people we have seen. Of course living where we live it’s not a surprise. So walks haven’t changed for us. We’re lucky that way.

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    1. With the return of warm weather, today, it is even crazier, scooters, bikes, dogs kids, strollers, driveway visits. Hmmm, I think a clamp down may be coming. We will go for our walks in the AM or late evening. Not sure how bicycling will work yet. Too much grit on the streets. Yup, this is one time, being on a farm or acreage would be a blessing. Enjoy the quiet. Allan

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  3. Walks are my guilty pleasures too and so far in Sligo, we haven’t met anyone trying to come to close. Many people still treat pandemic crisis like it’s a holiday and forget how critical it is to follow the guidelines. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. With the warm weather and sun today, it is mad outside right now. I think further restrictions may be coming, if people get stupid. It is supposed to be +16 here tomorrow and Monday. Yay. Garden, here I come. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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  4. I quite enjoyed your sauce for the goose poem. It took me back to the days of my undergrad in Waterloo where geese pretty much took over the campus. Glad to hear they were practicing good physical distancing because sometimes they can be aggressive. I try to get out as early as I can on weekends to avoid the crowds as well. Stay safe.

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    1. Ha Ha. Thanks. Yup, they are practicing physical distancing, but now that the ponds are starting to melt off, there will be a flurry of breeding and nest sitting. Once the goslings arrive, I expect, the parents will be a bit more aggressive to those who try to pass. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you are well. Allan

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