Living Small – You Gotta Have Heart

Health foundations all over Alberta have started a campaign to encourage Albertans to decorate their front windows with hearts, in support of the front line medical workers waging war on the pandemic.

As part of my Living Small series of posts, I have taken photos of some of the examples we have seen on our short local walks, including our own front window. I seem to have photo bombed that shot.

Seriously folks, we all need to get behind this group who have done such a fabulous job under the adversity of both the pandemic and the dubious restructuring, wage controls and autocratic wage reductions being attempted by our current provincial government.

Their continued dedication in the face of all this adversity shows that their hearts are all in the right place. So, the least we can do is put our hearts in the right places….our front windows.

I salute all front line workers, whether they be working in hospitals or with at risk people, in patrol cars or ambulances, driving big rigs filled with food and needed supplies, workers remaining on duty to ensure that electricity, water and natural gas continue to flow or grocery store workers making sure we can all get our necessary food and supplies. These are indeed tough times, but they are made easier to bear because of all of you. Thank you all!

a friend’s front door…we had a social distance visit with them
our front window
hearts a plenty
a sign put up by a home developer, property manager in a local park
the park looks a little bleak as it comes out of winter and even bleaker with social distancing

8 thoughts on “Living Small – You Gotta Have Heart

    1. For sure. We all need something to take our minds of reality. The warm weather is not improving the social distancing on walks. We ended up sticking to the streets.Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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  1. I made big lace hearts for all our front windows. I also painted rainbow rocks (with Thank you workers) and placed them by all the mailboxes in our neighborhood. We do appreciate all their work

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    1. Yay. I thought you might craft something along these lines Ann. Hope you are well. With the return of warm weather here, the walkers are out in force and do not seem to understand social distancing does not mean walk just as close to others, but walk faster. Enjoying iced coffee on our back deck right now. Much safer. Stay well, you guys. Allan


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