European Vacation – October 8/19 – The Long Trip Home

The Long Trip Home

Bags all packed up and ready to throw

into the car, we’re all set to go

for one last ride to an airport near,

en route, traffic backing up, oh dear.

Blockage now cleared, we’re soon at the door,

with sad goodbyes, warm hugs, tears and more,

we waved until they drove out of sight,

before checking in for our first flight.

Up and away to old Montreal,

still wearing leafy colours of fall.

With time to kill, we looked for some eats,

then on one last plane, taking our seats.

West bound again, daylight fading fast

until we arrived back home at last.

Boarding in Dublin

Awaiting our turn for takeoff

up, up and away

Flying into Montreal

Montreal airport and supper

Taxi and takeoff into the afternoon sun

Close to home

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 8/19 – The Long Trip Home

  1. How many posts? It makes it seem like you were gone for a long time but you were away for 6 weeks right? I enjoyed both your Italy trip (spring 2021 for us if the world rights itself by then) and Ireland.

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    1. Sorry if I dragged it out too long. 4 weeks actually. My blogging style is to use my photos to determine post topics and length. This breaks the trip down into shorter, readable posts concentrating on the things we did and saw rather than doing a highlight reel in one to 4 posts. Given the lack of travel for the next while, this was likely the way to go in any event. Glad you liked Italy and Ireland and hope your 2021 travel dreams come true. Thanks for reading Bernie. Stay well. Allan


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