Vancouver in Early March, 2020 – Part 2 – Cherry Blossoms

Although we have been to Vancouver many times since our first visit in 1980, we never seem to be there during cherry blossom time. We came close in 2019, but missed it by a week. This year, we got the timing almost right and I was able to capture some great photos.

Again, these were taken over the duration of our stay in varying conditions.

Blossom Time

Pink cherry blossoms

adorn Vancouver West End.

Pink smiles all over.

Bute Plaza near Robson
Positively glowing
West End Blossoms
In the pink
West End blossoms
West End blossoms
Sunlit cherry blossoms
It was -27C back home
West End blossoms
Blossoms and shadows
Bursting forth
Blossom tapestry

33 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March, 2020 – Part 2 – Cherry Blossoms

    1. Thanks William. Wish I could be in Vancouver now in normal times. Thing are a bit dreary here as winter shakes off her dreary coat. How are things going out your way. Still some dreadful news coming out each day. Thanks for reading. Stay well, my friend. Allan


  1. One of the few things I miss about living there — that and the ocean. Zero else. It was crowded, congested, unfriendly and expensive as all get out in 1980/1981. So so so glad we moved. Lovely place to visit at the right time of year.

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    1. Yes, Vancouver is beautiful and everyone thinks so and moves there. Our kids wanted us to move there, but difficult to afford and impossible to find a doctor. I’m good in Alberta. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


    1. We were in Victoria and Vancouver about 10 days earlier last year. There were a few blossoms about, but they had been set back by a heavy late Feb snowfall. Our blossoms are a few months away here. Have a great weekend Lynette. Allan

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  2. Beautiful work, Allan, a joy to look at! We have two apple trees blossoming in our garden, all we have right now, as due to lockdown we can’t venture out. We are so sad we won’t be able to see Vancouver this summer, as our trip has been cancelled for good. But next year!! Happy weekend! Marcus

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    1. Hi Marcus. Yes, sad times, indeed. Best wishes for a 2021 trip to Vancouver. Well worth it. Here’s hoping things get back to “normal” some day. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. Allan

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    1. We were lucky to be in Vancouver, before Covid hit full stride. The trees there line the streets, so provide a show every day as one walks along. Thanks for reading and hope you are well. Allan

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    1. We saw that in San Diego last year with the blue Jacaranda petals and in New Zealand in 2014 with the red Pohutukawa petals. The blooms were just starting to fall off the cherry trees in March in Vancouver. All very pretty, nonetheless. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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      1. Oh wow~ Jacaranda trees are amazing. I have yet to see them in bloom and I’ve never even heard of Pohutukawa petals..googling them now!

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  3. Vancouver is beautiful yet the cherry blossoms make it even more adorable. Your photographs are absolutely stunning. We don’t have many cherry blossoms here in Sligo, just a few here and there. But still they are a joy to look at. Thanks for sharing, I really hope more Vancouver photos are on the way, Allan 😊😊😊

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    1. Agreed. No cherry blossoms here yet. Likely another month to wait and they will not be as pretty as Vancouver. Lots more Vancouver posts to come. I will alternate with my Living Small posts. Thanks for reading. Allan

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    1. Thanks Angie. We were really lucky with our timing and the lighting was perfect. The best time for Vancouver cherry blossoms is between the end of the first week and third weeks of March. We were there from March 5-18. Thanks for reading. Allan

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