Vancouver in Early March, 2020 – Part 4 – Daffodils

The daffodils were in full bloom when we arrived in Vancouver. One of the best daffodil beds was on a grassy slope leading down from Beach Avenue in the West End to English Bay. On our first morning, we walked down and the daffodils were all turning their pretty yellow heads to the sun.

English Bay daffodils
the hills are alive with….daffodils
daffodils in planters along Hornby separated bike land
daffodils and tree in Stanley Park
bright colour of spring daffodils

16 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March, 2020 – Part 4 – Daffodils

    1. Thanks. The daffodils are long gone in Vancouver as well. I loved the fields of bluebells when we were in England and Ireland in May/June 2017. So beautiful. No bluebells in this neck of the woods. Spring gives us hope. Thanks for reading Aiva. Stay well. Allan


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love daffodils, I’ve planted them several times and could never understand why they don’t do well in my yard. I do believe that the culprit is the resident jack rabbit that I’ve named Hippty Hop…

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