Living Small – Imaginary Friends

Remember when you were little and you had imaginary friends that you would play with the whole day through? Only you could see and hear them and you promised to keep all their secrets? No? OK, so that was just me, then. In any case, that is what socializing seems like these days. Oh, you may see your friends on Skype, Zoom, Face Time or whatever. You may talk to them on the phone, driveway or across the fence. But you never get to really sit down across the kitchen table to chat with them, with a glass of wine or 2 or 3. No wine? Just me, too?

Imaginary Friends


friends that only you can see

stay and chat all day.

Here I am engaged in a lively conversation with my imaginary friends.

12 thoughts on “Living Small – Imaginary Friends

  1. 🙂 Ha Ha Ha! I love your silliness. Do your friends have names?
    My son’s imaginary friend was named Janet. I don’t think I had one but I am told I played with a ghost child so…???
    These days I spend my time talking to birds and plants. They aren’t imaginary but I imagine they are my friends. Does that count?

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    1. No names, but I am thinking of getting them T-shirts. One will be STUPID and the other will be I AM SOCIALLY DISTANCING FROM STUPID—>. Ha Ha. Yeah, I talk to the birds too, especially the crows…can’t repeat my conversations with them and they are not my friends. Cheers Lael. Allan

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      1. HA HA! So many stupid people.
        I will tell my crows to tell your crows to stop acting like pests. Mine have taken to calling for me at the window. Not caws, more like chortling. It’s kinda cute.

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  2. I made my kids have an imaginary dog before we got our first dog. They were terrible about leaving the gate open so it was for them to practise closing the gate and walking the dog.
    As an aside — you could do a 2 on 2 backyard social distancing visit. Those chairs are the perfect distance

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    1. Ha Ha. That is funny. But, a good way to teach responsibility. Still waiting for some neighbours to sit in the chairs. Maybe, if the wind ever stops. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


  3. Your garden looks so different without the snow! I bet you were happy to see it gone for good, Allan. We see our neighbors across the fence and I’m grateful for every opportunity to talk to them, but I like to hug everyone and it’s so strange not to. Hang in there, my friend! Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. White is slowly being replaced with green. It is nice to see and to be able to spend time out in the yard. Neighbourhood encounters are good, but still not the same. Still, in all, we are lucky. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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  4. My sister had an imaginary friend named “Casper”. Original, I know but that friend stayed with her until about 3rd or 4th grade. It was irritating because I was getting ready to go to Jr. High before “Casper” disappeared for good. With that said, I have seen some ghosts and experienced some spirits (not alcohol, well maybe a little tequila back in the day). 🙂

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