Living Small – Snowbegone

In the midst of all the dire news on the current COVID crisis, one might be excused for not noticing the quick disappearance of our heavy winter snow cover. Now all we have to do is wait 3-4 weeks and hope for some April showers to get rid of the drab colours and provide is with a flush of green spring growth. I, for one am itching to get gardening.


Winter white now melted away,

exposes grass, drab brown and grey

’til April rain brings greener May.

Will clear blue skies and golden rays

lead bright coloured flowers our way

or just black winds that blow all day?

9 thoughts on “Living Small – Snowbegone

  1. Good question and an apt way to describe the winds we get.

    My poor Hubs is traumatized from last year’s “summer”. I imagine this cloudy day is making him worried. Time will tell…I’m hoping for less wind, enough rain to make things grow well and more hours of sunshine than not.

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    1. Just back from another windy walk. I never know which coat to wear. Cold and freezing going. Hot and sweaty comping back. Time to sit on the deck with a bevvie, methinks. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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    1. Thank you. The big spruce is our oldest’s Grade 1 school tree. He is now 33. I used to put some lights in the back garden, but not on the spruce. Not sure how I would get them strung now, but it would be pretty, for sure. Thanks for reading. Allan

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    1. Looking at it now, one has to wonder if it was ever really there. Yup, it was there. Even the runoff disappeared in a hurry in our area. Not sure where it all went. Into the ground hopefully. Happy Friday Angie. Allan

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