Living Small – Really Bad Coffee Art

I have been making flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos for many years, but have never been able to achieve barista status with my “artful” foam. This may never happen, as I have a less expensive machine, but, nonetheless, I keep working at it.

During the current Stay at Home orders, I have been playing around with it a bit more and made some really bad coffee art designs. I have never achieved as good a result as my original fluke design of #45’s comb over, which I referred to as “Covfefe”.

Bad Ass Barista

From Covfefe, Mocha-Patty-ccino,

Cappu-Sceno to Tic-Tac-uccin-Toe,

my latte art leaves much to be desired.

This bad ass barista should be retired.


Here are my latest designs.

the Cappu-scene-o
the Tic-tac-accin-toe

My wife’s specialty comes into play when the weather warms up and we have a cool coffee on the back deck. We call this one the Iced-Back-deck-accino.


18 thoughts on “Living Small – Really Bad Coffee Art

    1. Thanks Lisa. Not sure the inspiration for my Patty-ccino appreciated my creativity, but she did say the coffee was great. Our son got us the SS straws when we were looking for alternatives to plastic. It has been a bit of a learning curve, but we have grown to love them. Thanks for reading and commenting Lisa. Allan

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  1. I love your creative side, Allan! Keep trying and experimenting, who knows where you’ll be in a few years. We had a chance to enjoy sunny May day in Sligo and even got sunburnt, which nevar really happens in Ireland. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. The great news is that my mistakes still taste good. Glad you had a sunny day there. We have had 3 days around +20 and rain is supposed to arrive this afternoon. Likely 25 mm over the next day. This is good, because despite the snow melt, things are incredibly dry and dusty. It is likely due to the ongoing spring winds. That being said we had a great local nature walk today. The birdlife right now is incredible. More Living Small posts in the works. Thanks for reading Aiva. Enjoy your evening. Allan

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    1. Hi John. Nope, I will take all the blame. Pressure is 15 Millibars with a pump, so that is fine. I just have to find the sweet spot on the foam to make it less thick. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well out your way. Allan

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