Living Small – Hitting the Open Road

Full Disclosure: This post and these photos originate from April 26/20.

During the current pandemic and Stay at Home orders, our walks are not exactly exciting, these days. Our saviour arrived in the form of a sinkhole. Yes, you heard me right, a freaking sinkhole.

You see, our recent rapid snow melt created a huge lake in the low lying fields West of Beaumont. Like the fields, the road that runs through them follows the land contours. One day, when we tried to take the road West to exit our small city, we were faced with barricades blocking our path. Hmmmm. Later, we learned that the overland flooding had created a sinkhole under the road.

Sounds, like Beaumont had inadvertently closed a road to allow space to walk while socially distancing. Hell, we were in. My Patty proposed an expedition to see the sinkhole. On a wide road closed to cars, we should have no Social Distancing issues. That, coupled with the fact it was Sunday AM and the winds were gusting to 63 kph made for an exhilarating journey.

Hitting the Open Road

Hit the open road

to see all that you can see.

A sinking feeling.

No need to walk facing NO traffic. Take it on HEAD on.
Slow going into the teeth of the NW winds.
This will require more than a street sweeper to fix.
At the edge of the abyss.
Maybe, this is one way to make people stay home.
This used to be a culvert….until it wasn’t.
Faster progress with the wind at our backs.
Exiting our new local Social Distancing walkway.

16 thoughts on “Living Small – Hitting the Open Road

    1. There is something sadly wrong with us, when we look at a walk to a sinkhole as being an exciting day. We gotta get out more. Tee Hee. Thanks for reading and commenting and stay well. Allan

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    1. Not sure what this one cost to fix, but not that much. Sinkholes are not common here. I suspect your area has more sandy soil. I would not like a sink hole near my house. Thanks for reading Susie. Allan


  1. We have learned to love our ldaily walks through the neighborhood. We managed to meet and exchange stories with so many new amazing people, it’s been a real blessing. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. You are right. There seems to be a new friendliness out there, these days. A lot of driveway conversations, pausing on pathways and even one socially distance wine night. Most people get it and seem to be kinder these days. All is well here. Greening up nicely after a day of rain. Good chance for afternoon coffee and blogging. Thanks for reading Aiva. Stay well. Allan


    1. My friend, a weatherman calls the Alberta winds, “lazy winds, they will blow right through you” How true. At least the winds these days are bringing warmer weather. Stay well Bernie. Allan


  2. Hmmmm, maybe I should swipe some barricades and close the main road by my house?
    That must have been fun walking down the middle of the road like that!

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  3. We have many roads on our travels looking the same way 🙂 Seems to happen every year. My husband was called to work (finally) because there were too many road issues and they needed someone to help fix them. They have their work cut out for them! Our dirt roads here are finally dry enough to head out for some adventures with the kids.

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