Living Small – For the Birds

Full Disclosure: This post and these photos originate from April 26/20.

The spring thaw along local Township Road 510 had created a marvelous sanctuary for waterfowl, even if only temporarily. Ducks and geese were whirling around the area, landing, taking off and just battling the wind to make headway. Given the strong wind gusts beyond 60 kph, some of the landings were a little abrupt and slightly embarrassing, to say the least

For the Birds

Swirling and turning

geese and ducks look to land on

temporary lake.

Temporary waterfowl pond
Flying high on the strong winds
these low flyers seemed to make better progress
like some disjointed aerial ballet
strength in numbers
are you sure this is the right direction?
coming in for a landing
this one looks like a poster for Ducks Unlimited

13 thoughts on “Living Small – For the Birds

  1. I love watching birds play in the wind, watching silly landings must be even more fun 🙂 I wonder if they like the wind or find it a pain??
    We have a pair of ducks in the neighbourhood. Its so strange to see them. They fly over yards quacking like they belong in a residential neighbourhood without water.

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    1. We were so lucky to see this display. I thing some of them like the wind and others not so much. Gulls are used to it, but the eagle and geese seemed to be struggling. We have a few ducks that quack their way over us from time to time, but at least there is water near here. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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      1. 🙂 Gulls seem to be built for the wind. I have a hard time not calling them Sea Gulls though. We are faaaaaar from the sea!
        OH! I saw the Merlins!!! They like this big tree by my house. Are they ever a beautiful bird. I love the shape of them as they fly.

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      2. Agreed. The Merlins in my area are like prison guards high up in their towers, looking for crow movement, The crows fly low and silent when the Merlins are around.

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  2. I love watching all the geese! Last year when they were all heading out for the winter, the kids and I pulled over by a big open field and stood there while they all flew over us. It was great! It wasn’t until it was all over that I realized how messy that could have ended up being lol
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I think bird flight always fascinates those of us who are grounded. As to messy, the old admonition “never look up with your mouth open” applies. I remember when we were in New Zealand in 2014 watching the penguins come in to shore (right next to an albatross colony). We were doing so well, until we both heard the splop at the same time and my Patty got bombed by an Albatross fly by. Given the size of an Albatross, it was a messy situation. Thanks for reading Angie. Allan

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      1. It was pitch black and the interpretive center was closed, so no running water….just tissues. Oh and because the Albatross eat a ton of krill, it was pink. Even she laughs about it………….now. A

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