Vancouver in Early March – Part 9 – English Bay

Nothing says Vancouver, like English Bay, the South side of Burrard Inlet from Point Grey to Prospect Point. It is the most popular sunbathing, swimming and sunset watching beach in the Vancouver downtown, Kitsalano and Point Grey areas.

I do not think I need to say more about this Bay and will let my photos taken over the 12 days we were in Vancouver tell the tale.

The BIG Picture

The snowy mountains (first 2 in North Van and next 2 on Vancouver Island)

Shells, waves and rocks

the wildlife (including Benji dog, who loved dragging me along the beach)

The unusual

and all the rest

15 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 9 – English Bay

    1. Definitely a pretty place to visit in all seasons. Hope things return to normal soon, so you can plan a visit. Lots of good hikes here, as well, including the Grouse Grind and BCMC trails up Grouse Mountain. Very rigorous climbs, up 3,000 feet of elevation, but so worth it. Stay well. Allan

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    1. It is a temperate rain forest climate, so the vegetation is varied. You see stuff there that you do not think should grow, but it does. Thanks for reading. Allan


    1. Thanks Lynette. We were lucky to be able to visit just before life went sideways. Hope we can get back again soon to see the kids. Thanks for reading. Allan


  1. Thanks so much for sharing so many beautiful photos. I couldn’t take my eyes of the English Bay and its shimmering waters! On our trip to Canada we only had two full days devoted to Vancouver and we barely slept, yet I was never tried. There’s certain magic in this part of the world, of that I’m sure. If there’s one thing I’m gonna do, once it’s safe to travel, I’m gonna fulfill my dream of seeing Vancouver again. Although, from what it looks like, overseas travel won’t be allowed for at least a year or so! Thanks for sharing and brightening up my day. Seeing photos of snow and Vancouver always make me happy 😊 Aiva

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    1. Hi Aiva. Always good to hear from you. Yes, Vancouver has a lot to offer. If you want, before you come, I can provide you with a list of things you should do and see. You should likely allow up to a week, so you can pace yourselves. The Premier of British Columbia is still telling his own people and those of us from Alberta to stay home, as well. Not sure when we will be able to get back and see our kids. Hope it is not too long. More Vancouver to come….hopefully, no more snow for a while, although, there was snow west of Edmonton 2 days ago. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. Allan

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