Living Small – Tock-nological Advances

Regular readers know that we have been known to play a board game called Tock, introduced to us by L & L. Given current Stay at Home orders, a game of Tock with them was going to be a challenge.

If necessity is the Mother of Invention, then Covid 19 and Physical Distancing must be the Mad Scientist of Invention. Self isolating some 4,652 driving (3,434 air) km apart, my Patty and I in Alberta came up with a solution to allow us to play the board game Tock with L & L in New Brunswick. It was neither highly sophisticated, nor pretty, but it was a ton of fun, as we rolled through (2) bottles of Yellow Tail, (2) full Tock games and some 3 hours, 37 minutes and 47 seconds of Skype time, before signing off, after a lot of Tock and laughter. The women were victorious in both games, albeit, we were all going in circles for what seemed like hours on the last one.

TOCK-nological Advances

Books and bungees securing our tech pile,

we signed on with chatter and a wide smile.

After pleasantries and popping of corks,

we buckled on down and got right to work.

Two decks of cards and 2 Tock playing boards,

what’s the thinking, were we outta our gourds?

Smoothing out the kinks, we soon got the knack,

laughter flowed smoothly, as did the wisecracks.

Our adaptations caused permutations,

ladies won first to men’s consternation.

A short break taken to stretch and review,

we jumped right back in for game number two.

Perhaps ’twas the time or just the bubbles,

game completion was giving us troubles.

As each team got close, strange cards did appear,

leading team’s men were bounced back to the rear.

Around and around the board, both teams went,

if you don’t play nasty, you can get bent.

At long last, our ladies again prevailed,

men had to admit that their butts got nailed.

Now growing late near Canada’s East coast,

we all signed off, this Skype game was the most.

Game #1 is under way
front view of my communications array
rear view of my communications array
The East coast set up
bubbles refresh
this is how close the last game was

18 thoughts on “Living Small – Tock-nological Advances

  1. Love this! I live in New England and have been playing games online/zoom with nieces and nephews, sister and brothers from Buffalo, NY to the west coast of FL. In some ways this terrible lockdown has brought us all a lot closer! And I love your format of writing. Reminds me of online poetry circles I’ve been doing with my sister’s kids since they were little. Thanks for sharing your evening!

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    1. Hi Madeline. Thanks for your comment. This is the 3rd time we tried to play a game and this one worked the best. May have been the Yellow Tail,,,,just sayin’. Thanks for your compliment on my style. I was once told that my poetry barks like a dog. Hmmm. OK. Woof woof. Stay well. Allan


  2. It is said that there are a few things that we’re doing now – that we’ll hang on to once our world gets back to “normal”. Playing a board game with loved ones so far away is certainly one you should do again. Looks like you all were having a wonderful time.

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    1. We do. They are actually our relatives on my wife’s side. We have tried a few other games on line, but they are a bit awkward. Your friend works in a great city. We love Montreal. thanks so much for reading Carmac. Stay well, my friend. Allan

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    1. it does get weird for sure, but the game is a game of total chance. Each coupe deals 2 hands to play and 2 dummy hands to go into the discard pile. You may get 8 7’s or no 7’s. That is likely why it took us so long to finish the last game. A Jack allows you to switch places with another playing man. The more Jacks dealt, the more switches. We found it enhanced the game. Of course, in the last game it took me three deals to get a card (Ace, 5 or King) to get me out to the start position. I was none to happy about that. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


  3. You certainly know how to make the most of your time in lockdown. The pandemic crisis arrived with lots of uncertainty yet at the same time it provided us with heaps and heaps of family time. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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    1. Lock down does not say we can not visit and have fun. It only tells us we must visit from afar. While it was more fun playing the game when they were with us in February, we still enjoyed the wine, laughs and good craic. Thanks for reading aiva. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Playing the game remotely is safer, if you decide to follow the underlying rule “Don’t be Nice”. That way nobody gets hurt. Ha Ha. Yes, it was a great time. I expect it will occur more frequently. Thanks for reading Irene. Allan

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    1. About 20 minutes. Admittedly a bit Rube Goldberg, but it did the job with out a computer crash, if you know what I mean. Not sure if I should apply for a patent. Ha Ha. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week. Allan

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