Living Small – Mothers’ Day 2020 – Mom’s the Word

I do not think any of us could have predicted how this Mothers’ Day during social distancing would turn out. I think that despite all the trials and tribulations, my Patty felt loved and appreciated.

Mom’s the Word

Morning mocha to start this Mothers’ day,

loving gifts came from near and away.

Chartier brunch of bread and frittata,

on to Skype for laughter and chatter.

After ev’rything was said and done,

this was a day made special for Mom.

There was the morning Mocha

My latte art is improving, even though you may not notice much difference

The gifts

handmade chocolates from L & A
a beautiful floral bouquet from B & K

the delightful brunch from Chartier (some assembly required)

Skype visits with special people

11 thoughts on “Living Small – Mothers’ Day 2020 – Mom’s the Word

    1. Thanks Lael. We each played a part making the day far better than anyone thought possible. If Mother Nature could have done better, we could have had a more in person visit with our social distancing chairs, but you can’t have it all. Thanks for reading. Hope you had a great Mothers’ Day too. Allan

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      1. Nope, you can’t. I found even being socially distant with a friend this weekend, near impossible. We had great intentions and were mostly successful but often forgot to stay apart. It’s too easy to slip back into the way things used to be. Like two magnets,lol

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  1. I hope Patty had a fantastic Mother’s Day! The flowers are beautiful and the food looks delicious! Hang in there guys, hopefully we’ll be able to see our loved ones very very soon! 😊😊😊

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    1. My boys did their Mom proud, for sure. First time we ever got a bouquet from this florist, based out of Winnipeg. Absolutely gorgeous and unexpected on both gifts. Hope you had a good Mothers’ Day as well, Bernie. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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