Living Small – Flights of Fancy

The Government of Canada arranged for a cross Canada tour and fly over by our famous aerobatic flying team, the RCAF Snowbirds (dubbed Operation Inspiration) as a thankyou and morale booster to front line workers and citizens staying at home. If you want to learn more about this team, here is the link

We, like many other Canadians over the past week, found our viewing spot and awaited the fly past. Thanks you Snowbirds and thankyou to all front line workers.

Flights of Fancy

In this shrinking world, we all took our place,

even the cawing crows slowed down their pace.

On the hill, gathered more and more people,

as I glanced skyward, spying church steeple.

Eagerly awaiting, eyes and ears strain,

for any sign or the roar of a plane.

But, all we spotted were puffy white clouds,

when all of a sudden came a great shout.

They’re coming, they’re coming rang out the words,

as in tight formation, came the Snowbirds.

As quickly as they had come, they were gone,

like front line workers, above and beyond.

8 thoughts on “Living Small – Flights of Fancy

    1. I do not think we knew how lucky we were to see them fly past at the Grey Cup games we went through. These days, just a glimpse is special. Thanks for reading Ann. Maybe they are coming your way tomorrow. Allan


    1. Thanks. Almost missed them as they flew West of us. Glad for my long lens or the shots would have been dots. Not nerdish at all. They do stir up excitement wherever they go. Enjoy the weekend Lynette. Allan

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