Living Small – Rural Route

Full Disclosure: This post and these photos originate from April 26/20.

Our small Alberta city is still surrounded by farmland. Recent land annexations by Beaumont and Edmonton, will no doubt change that in the future, but for now, we are fortunate to have prairie vistas so nearby. These shots were taken as part of our walk to the “sinkhole”

Rural Route

Winter’s remnants now barely seen,

rows of stubble, no snow between.

South winds gust, spinning shiny blade,

leafless trees shudder and sway.

Spring melt water lay in deep pools

spreading ev’rywhere, breaking rules.

Thin rims of white hug fence line posts.

as sun and winds do their utmost.

No green leaf shows, not e’en one shoot,

as we trudge along rural route.

9 thoughts on “Living Small – Rural Route

    1. Thanks Bernie. There is just something about a row of fenceposts in the country. I almost missed that one as the wind tried to blow me away. Thanks for reading. Allan


    1. Thanks. Just had to frame it well enough top get all the ugly out. You could see that driving by and think Meh! I do like the fence lines in the rolling prairies, though. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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