Vancouver in Early March – Part 13 – Stanley Park

When one thinks of Vancouver, visions of Stanley Park often come to mind.

This 405 hectare (1001 acre) public park between downtown Vancouver and the Burrard Inlet was created in 1888. In 2014, Tripadviser contributors voted it the top park in the world and who can say they are wrong? It has miles of forested paths to wander and we never tire of spending time here. even though, we have been visiting since 1980, there are still parts of the park and paths we have not yet explored.

The following photos were taken over the duration of our visit and the photos speak volumes, so I will shut up now.

The pathways

Water connections to English Bay, the Burrard Inlet and Lost Lagoon

The trees

Foliage and greenery

The wildlife. Sorry, most of the bird and wildlife is in another post, so I included sightings of the rare bald headed photographer in its natural habitat.

8 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 13 – Stanley Park

    1. Hi Crystal. Sunlight and shadow play make very interesting photos indeed. Glad you enjoyed. Hope all is well with you and your family. We have a long weekend here and will be enjoying our back yard, as more and more people venture out into the spring warmth. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  1. Great post and fantastic photos, Allan. Stanley Park was one of my all time favourite places to explore in Vancouver. I was in awe of beautiful trees, totem poles and was eager to see Its famous raccoons too, but no luck! Initially, we wanted to rent the bikes, but ended up walking the whole length of the seawall. My legs were like jelly the next day but it was so worth it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Ahhh, the famous Trash Pandas. We have seen Racoons all over the park and as per their pet name, they are usually rummaging through human’s trash cans. We often see them shuffling along by Lost Lagoon. The sea wall is a bit of a walk, but so worth it. Now, when we go, we cycle it and then just keep going. One day, we cycled 70 km. Using E-bikes now, as Patty’s knee can not take the strain. Thanks for reading and commenting Aiva. Allan


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