Living Small – Bad Hair Day

Full Disclosure: This post and these photos originate from April 26/20.

My Patty is a glutton for punishment. With her hair carefully tied up to keep it secure against the strong spring winds, we set off for a windy hike. Feeling adventurous, she volunteered to untie it for some bad hair day shots. ‘Nuf said. Us bald guys just can’t identify.

18 thoughts on “Living Small – Bad Hair Day

  1. Bad hair days are worse when your hair is a bit shorter so cant be tied back, you’ve been wearing a headset all day non stop for zoom business meetings and havent looked in a mirror for more than the time it takes to brush your teeth! Patty looks wind blown perfect and happy! Orderly hair be damned!

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    1. Yes, this is the time when bad hair days are an everyday occurrence with hair dressers mow open, but uncertainty still reigning. It was indeed a happy day and as a follically challenged male, I was the lucky one. Thanks for reading Madeline. Allan


    1. Maybe the spring winds will become the new hairstylists of the day. She has an appointment at the stylists, but still sits on the fence over whether to take it. Stay well. Allan

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  2. Looks like a very windy day. In Ireland, due to constant rain and wind, pretty much every day is a bad hair day 😂😂😂 Hats always help to hide the mess 😊 have a good day and thanks for sharing. Aiva 😊

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  3. That’s the beauty of having longer hair – you can always tie it up. And during Covid – she doesn’t have to worry about getting it cut. She still looks great

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    1. It is a great relationship that can withstand the results of a bad haircut. As one who used to get buzz cuts, they are simpler to do, but my wife has not yet accepted my invite for that. Good to hear from you Bernie. Allan

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  4. We have 2 crazy female Zumba instructors that play one where there are several has tosses. Yes, I join in with these young ladies; and unleash my hair that is down to my boobs. With the ceiling fan on max it goes all over my face. Love crazy Zumba.

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  5. Awe,she looks happy!
    I am sooo tempted to just buzz mine off and join you bald guys.
    It can be fun sometimes though, to have a fight with the wind. It feels good when it whips around. As long as you’re not trying to do something else,lol.

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    1. Bad thing about being bald is winter brain freeze. So, I put a toque on, but wait, if I have just shaved my head, I have no Velcro, so my toque keeps sliding up. I know, I am never happy. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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