Vancouver in Early March – Part 15 – Vancouver Style

Vancouver Style

Old and new buildings,

chandeliers and funky shoes.

Its Vancouver style!

New Vancouver House condo building, near the Granville Bridge

$4.8 million chandelier under Granville Bridge, mural on Broadway and tulips on Davie

New glass condos along False Creek, Vancouver Block on Granville Street and the Sylvia Hotel on Gilford Street

Funky shoes at John Fluevog Shoes on Granville Street

10 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 15 – Vancouver Style

    1. Thankyou and thanks for dropping by. The first building design was largely a result of the complex site and location where it was built right by the bridge. Hope all is well with you in Lonfon.

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  1. One wonders how that first building meets the earth quake standards for GVRD?! I feel like we might not recognize the whole area as it’s been almost 2 decades since we were there. They are talking a 20%tax increase there — perhaps they could sell that chandelier!

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    1. Apparently it does meet current standards. Every time we visit, there are 20 new towers completed, 20 under way and another 20 in planning stage. Victims of their own success, it is has certainly become unaffordable for normal folk. Also getting to be unaffordable to visit. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


  2. 4.8 million chandler under the bridge, is that for real? 🙈 One of the things I loved the most about Vancouver was wandering away from touristy places and exploring its little side streets and finding many quite corners. I have to say that I was in disbelief upon seeing property prices, they were through the roof! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Yup….here is the link to the story I found it hard to believe, as well. Yes, off the beaten path is the way to go. We once thought we could afford to live in Vancouver, but that did not last long. Property prices are at least 3 times what they are here and you can not find a doctor. I am staying here thanks. Thanks for reading Aiva. Stay well. Allan

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      1. You are welcome. I think the doctor shortage in Vancouver is due to a number of factors, rapid population increase, high cost of living and more than likely the way the province has structured their doctor’s fee guide. It took us 2 days of concerted effort to find a new graduate with capacity so our kids could have a doctor about 5 years after they moved to Vancouver. Then, the first appointment was only a meet and greet to see if they were compatible. Our province now seems to be headed in the same direction as they work to cut health care costs. Pouring rain here for the next two days (up to 50 mm. Reminds me of Ireland. Very welcome rain. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan


  3. Fluevogs! My favourite shoe. ❤ I have the funkiest pair! They are like a work of art.
    Is that chandelier Vancouver's version of Edmonton's chrome balls? Mind you, our balls didn't cost 4+ million.
    Us humans are a weird lot.

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    1. Happy Fluevog. Nope. At least the Talus Dome can b seen and appreciated. This chandelier would be neat to see lit, but at 4.8 million. Yikes. Art is in the eye of the beholder and also in the wallet. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan


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