Living Small – Holding the Line

These photos were taken April 28/20.

Following my “Sinkhole” series, we went back 2 days later on April 28/20 and as they say, “You Can’t Go Back”. Who are “they” and why are they saying “that”?

Oh, the road was still blocked to vehicular traffic and we had it pretty much all to ourselves, until we heard a rumble and shortly thereafter, a gravel truck roared past us to the site of the sinkhole.

As we got closer, we could see the track hoe in place, digging out the old unstable, soggy soil, scraping in new fill and getting ready to repair the road. Seems, during the times of Covid 19, some work can still safely continue.

In addition to the repair work, the flood waters were almost totally gone, as were all the migratory birds. We were certainly lucky to have been a witness to the whole scene on April 26/20.

We tried one further walk on April 30/20 and turned back even sooner, as there were more gravel trucks whizzing by. We assumed it would be only a matter of time before the road reopened and sure enough, one lane traffic was permitted as of May 1. Sigh, there goes our walk.

Holding the Line

Starling holds the line,

sinkhole repair underway.

We’re fenced in again.

Lineman for the County?
Down in the Dumps
Fenced in again.

7 thoughts on “Living Small – Holding the Line

  1. I’m glad to hear they managed to fix the hole before things start to get back to normal. The traffic is already increasing in Sligo and it’s such a stark contrast to the quietness we got used to due to coronavirus

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    1. As an economic stimulus, our provincial government is going to get a lot of road and public work done during the shutdown. Easier when roads and buildings are underused. Good for the contractors and good for the residents as well. Traffic is picking up here too as places reopen. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  2. I am sorry for you loss 😦 It’s nice to have a quiet road all to yourself.
    If you ever want to coughcoughsabatogecoughcough the road, I can help. hee hee.
    That starling is pretty! I haven’t seen one in ages.

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