Living Small – Barking up the Right Tree

These photos were taken May 2/20.

We have 2 Amur Cherry trees on our property, one in the back yard and a clump version in the front. We have always admired the beautiful bark on these trees in all seasons, but, heading out for a walk the other day in the bright sunshine, it was spectacular. The coppery old layers of bark were peeling away to the new.

Barking up the Right Tree

Frayed like raw nerve endings

of those locked down inside,

Amur cherry’s gleaming

copper, pleasingly eyed.

Old filaments peeling,

new bark no longer hides.

Bright golden sun beaming

allows hope to abide.

Wind whipped bark strands
An ap-pealing trunk.
New bark exposed

8 thoughts on “Living Small – Barking up the Right Tree

  1. Beautiful tree with beautiful words.
    It reminds me some of an Arbutus.
    Have you ever used its fruit?
    Apparently, the fruit is used in juices and jams. I wonder what it tastes like!

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    1. Thanks Lael. Never used the fruit, but it does make lovely purple stains all over my driveway every fall. Will have to give it a taste sometimes, before I leave the berries for the birdies. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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