Vancouver in Early March – Part 18 – High and Mighty

In a city built of steel and glass high rise towers, one should never assume they have any privacy. With so many windows and so many eyes, I am sure this is even more true during the current situation.

We were fortunate to enjoy this view for 12 days in March. Hope you enjoy this window on the West End Vancouver world.

the distance shot
Burrard Bridge seems so close
coffee time on the balcony
But, occifer, I didn’t do nuttin’. You can ask anybody.
Watch that first step when you exit the loo. See photo below for long shot.
Porta potties in the sky are about 20 floors up
From the distance, we wondered what building belonged to this huge orange and red wall. On closer inspection, it was a freighter down in Coal Harbour.

11 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 18 – High and Mighty

  1. I have never been a big fan of high rise buildings but they are somehow different in Vancouver. I was amazed by the constant steel and glass display. Looks like there’s quite a lot of construction going on in Vancouver. Thanks for sharing and have a good Sunday, Allan 😊 Aiva

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    1. I think living in a high rise could be good for a while, but I would miss the open spaces. Still putting up condo towers in Vancouver. Lots of people still want to live there. Beautiful day here today. Hope your Sunday is going well Aiva. Allan

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  2. Hi Allan,
    I was telling my partner how much I missed the beauty of Canada. I love all the buildings I saw in Toronto. Haven’t made it to Vancouver yet. Definitely on my list.
    Everything in Louisville, KY is so flat….well all the Midwest besides Chicago.

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    1. Not a big fan of Toronto for most of my working life as it was always related to work meetings for me. Went back in 2018 and had a much better time. Vancouver has always been a favourite since our first visit in 1980 and now because we can visit the kids. Hope you can travel there one day. I have never been to Kentucky, but we did drive back home across Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South and North Dakotas in 2018. A lot of flat land there as well, but, some really beautiful spots. Hope all is well with you, Kelsie Lou. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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