Vancouver in Early March – Part 19 – Under the Full Moon

Due to the proliferation of high rise buildings and heat island effect, it can be tough to get good moon shots in Vancouver. Just ask the guy who in 2015 chased the rising moon from block to block as it moved between rows of tall buildings. From our 14th floor perch, I was still only able to catch a couple of shots of the March 9/20 Super Worm Moon (so named because this is the time earthworms and grubs come out of their winter dormancy—-Yay?)

Under the Full Moon

Away up high, where the air is rare

we pause a moment and start to stare.

Faint glow appears over cityscape,

soft moonlight begins this world to drape.

As if on cue, life starts to slow down,

street noises fade, all over downtown.

In gardens below, things start to squirm

‘neath the light of this orb, Super Worm.

Faint shadow below, whistling a tune.

Strange things happen under the full moon.

Hazy moonglow behind the Sheraton Wall Center
Between heat island haze and thin cloud, focus was difficult to achieve

7 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 19 – Under the Full Moon

    1. They are for sure. But, as more and more towers go up, sometimes your views are only of towers. I had hoped for a better shot of the moon, but there was still too much city humidity in the air on that day. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. I’ve actually had pretty good luck from my home town. Vancouver surprised me as the Super moon was so large, but it must have been all the humidity. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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