Living Small – the 5 o’clock Crow

These photos were taken May 2/20.

Some of my readers may have gleaned the info that I live in an area that seems to be overrun with crows and that there is no love lost between us. As dawn comes earlier and earlier, so does my morning wakeup call. I expect it will be at 4:30 AM by June 21. For the time being, we enjoy a bit more crow silence thanks to the local Merlin Falcon pair. I hope they stick around, but typically by mid summer, they have moved on.

the 5 o’clock Crow

The 5 o’clock crow arrives with a caw and chimney cap tap,

I’m so tired of this, I can’t take any more of this crow crap.

But just as the caws raise to a loud, annoying crescendo,

the shrieks of my local heroes silence them and they then go

away on the air, pooping, spinning and silently swirlin’,

while I enjoy the shrill, piercing calls of two falcons, Merlin.

Merlin Falcon Photo courtesy of Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Living Small – the 5 o’clock Crow

    1. No. I never have my camera when they go streaking over. They have a nest 2 doors down, so at least I know where they next. The Merlins will be here at least until the chicks fledge. As long as they chase the crows, I am a fan. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan

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      1. We have so many magpies. By the dozens really and not that many crows. Lots of hawks and we hear our resident owls regularly. Meadowlark galore this year and more robins that I like (seems I am not a fan of robins who dive bomb me and my house all the time). Why me I ask??? It happened in the city and it has happened here.

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      2. Maybe you got our magpies. They had to go somewhere. We see a few hawks around here, mostly redtails, but not many owls. I expect they like the more rural areas. I miss the meadowlarks from my days in Manitoba. Divebombing robins does seem odd. None here, but I have been bombed and skimmed by red winged blackbirds when I got too close their nests. Love birds, but I understand your attitude towards robins, Bernie. Stay well. Allan


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