Vancouver in Early March – Part 20 – Lighting the Night

Before the pandemic, Vancouver weekday evenings seemed to have a certain rhythm. In late afternoon, traffic picked up, workers returned home, quickly ate their dinners and then headed out to walk their pooches. Twilight stretched into night, magically lit as the lights came on. During our short time in Vancouver, we became a part of the group of dog walkers as we took Benji out for his evening walk.

Lighting the Night

At long last, their labour now done,

workers return, some battles won,

trudging slowly, their tired head’s hung,

gobble food, take dog out to run.

Creeping night shadows slink along,

sidewalks cleared of their daytime throng.

At last, one feels that they belong,

amidst twinkling lights winking on.

2 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 20 – Lighting the Night

  1. I love your poem and how it rhymes beautifully, Allan. We had scorching hot day here in Sligo with temperatures reaching + 27! Something I haven’t seen for a very very long time. Long may it last! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. Our day started off at +2C this AM and I was a wee bit worried for my garden, but all is OK. Sitting on the back deck right now in summer togs as it is +17, warmer by Sunday (+25). Maybe spring is finally here. Enjoy your warm weather. Jasper National Park opens on Monday next and we are going to our favourite cabins forma few days of mountain physical distancing. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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