Living Small – Look at Me

These photos were taken May 3/20.

Another sure sign of spring is the arrival of the red-winged blackbird back in my part of the world. On our recent walk, we could see the males all sitting on top of the reeds in our man-made lake. They were singing sweetly, but also flashing their red wing patches more than we had ever seen before. Then it dawned on me that they were in the middle of a courtship ritual, all striving to get the attention of the more drably coloured females. No females seemed to be taking the bait and the flashing, singing and preening increased as we walked. Pretty nice to be there in the moment.

Look at Me

Look at me, ladies

I’m a real flashy dresser

and looking for love.

Hey babe, over here….
What you lookin’ at?
Strong silent type.
Yoo hoo, ladiessssssssss.
Flashy dresser
Hey, am I invisible or what?
Perhaps, if I pump it up, she’ll notice me.
One last try.
I am outta here.

15 thoughts on “Living Small – Look at Me

    1. Thanks William. It was an interesting display….kinda like being at your first high school dance and not even getting a look from the ladies. By the number of nests I see these days, it looks like at least some of them were successful. Cheers. Allan


    1. Thanks Susie. They were beautiful that day. Now with eggs or chicks in the nest, they can be quite vicious in their defence. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  1. This looks like my new favourite bird and I’ve never even heard of him. One of the species’we always look forward to seeing are puffins. Although with everything that’s going on right now we didn’t get a chance to capture them this year. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. He is a beauty. One of my later posts will show the female. As with most bird species, she does not really attract attention like the male does. I love puffins as well. I have seen them on Newfoundland and in Iceland. I have never been able to get close though. Stay well and thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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    1. Thanks Marie. I have never been able to capture so many red flashes as during the courtship ritual. They likely did not see me as “love is blind”. Thanks for reading and hope all is well with you. Allan


    1. Thanks so much for thinking of me Crystal. I am glad you like my posts as much as I love yours. It is truly amazing what people can create. Stay well my friend. Allan


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