Living Small – Bugging Out

These photos were taken May 3/20.

Amazing how living small during this Stay at Home period makes us notice anything new, no matter how small. This shiny guy was out for his walk as we were finishing ours. Fortunately, we were socially distanced from each other. You will see him heading for the grass to get out of our way.

Bugging Out

Out for a slow stroll

copper carapace gleaming.

Hey I’m walking here!

11 thoughts on “Living Small – Bugging Out

    1. I did not know what type of bug this was. I should have Googled it, I guess. The carapace refers to his hard shell. He was a cute little guy, but I would not want him in my house. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


  1. Slowing down and reconnecting with myself and my family has to be one of the benefits of the pandemic. I find that kids are happier when adults are less hurried and can enjoy time to interact and observe. Thanks for sharing, Allan and keep on enjoying small living Aiva

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    1. WE are all too much in a hurry. I recall an anti speeding sign I saw in New Zealand that read “What’s your hurry mate? You’ll be a long time dead.” How true. WE have to be present in our life and the lives of those we care about. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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