Vancouver in Early March – Part 23 – Along the Seawall

The Vancouver Seawall typically refers to the stone wall constructed around Stanley Park to prevent shore erosion, but it also denotes the pedestrian, cycling and rollerblading path on the seawall.

Along the Seawall

Sublime views abound

for those who but stop to look

along the Seawall.

definitely low tide

looking across the Burrard Inlet to West Vancouver
sign for the path to Ferguson Point and the Teahouse
freighters waiting to go into port to load cargo
the Seawall path
looking out to the Burrard Inlet
luxurious greenery abounds along the inland side of the Seawall
late afternoon sun glistens on tidal shore and water
looking back to Kitsalano and English Bay

9 thoughts on “Vancouver in Early March – Part 23 – Along the Seawall

    1. The summer is really busy. Winter is cool and rainy. Cherry blossom season is from early March to early April and the weather can be quite nice. We love going in May or September/October for nice temps and less rain. The fall colours are beautiful in late October/early November, but it can be cool. The choice is yours, it has attributes in any season or month. Thanks for reading. Allan

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      1. The cold weather is not so bad. We were up hiking in the snow line today. Hiking at +4C with a 20 km wind was refreshing. Watch for the posts. We like Australia, but the hot weather and all the things that can kill you stopped us. Tee Hee. Both are great places to live. Cheers. Allan

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