the “Current” Normal (Part 1) – Expedition

Photos from our May 13/20 walk

I first heard this term used in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic about 3 weeks ago and I said that is brilliant. Covid and the Stay at Home orders which were static for so long were now in a state of flux. The “new” normal might only apply for a day or two at best as jurisdictions start to ease some restrictions.

Deprived of a river valley walk for almost 2 months, Patty finally hit on a route that might work, while allowing us the best chance to physically distance. Even then, it might be a bit of a crap shoot, depending on how many walkers/joggers were out.

The Feature photo shows our route, starting from a rare parking spot find (Covid apparently does have some perks) near the Low Level Bridge. We crossed the Low Level Bridge and then walked along the North bank of the North Saskatchewan River to the Dawson Bridge, crossing over the river at that point, climbing up a mountain goat trail into Forest Heights and then returning back to the car on the South side of the river. The day was glorious with high temperatures of about +15 C and just enough wind to allow us to keep our cool. Here are the photos.

Bridge view on North bank – Low Level, James McDonald and 5th Street bridges (front to back)
Louise McKinney Riverfront Park taken from 101 Avenue NW (looking South)
Shady path in Riverdale
shady path in Riverdale
looking North to the Dawson Bridge
crossing the Dawson Bridge
“Sparkles” the duck
ducky pair in the muddy river
not quite a walk in Cinque Terre, but an interesting climb
photographer, high atop the river bank looking West to the downtown
looking South East from Forest Heights
river bank erosion at the top of the bank
path heading back West to Cloverdale
Riverdale artist taking a break – view from Cloverdale

2 thoughts on “the “Current” Normal (Part 1) – Expedition

    1. It was excellent. The paths we picked were almost almost wide enough that we had an escape route for those (younger folk mostly) who did not consider social distancing necessary. For the most part, people were respectful and in numerous occasions, people coming toward us would cross the street, before we had to make a move. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


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